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Whether you have a 21-foot outboard, a 35-foot cruiser or 42-foot catamaran, industry data* shows that the majority of sinking/water incidents take place while you’re away, and your boat’s docked.


ARM IT MARINE provides a suite of wireless smart sensors that keep you informed and alert 24/7. With ARM IT wireless and sensor technology, you’ll be able to monitor high water levels remotely without draining your battery or relying on an electrical outlet. It’s totally self-sufficient.


ArmIt Remote Boat Monitoring

ArmIt Marine provides the simplest, most affordable boat monitoring system on the market today, offering boaters an instant solution to Protect What Matters Most. Getting your Boat Connected has never been easier. Monitor bilge water levels, open or closes on hatches, doors or cabins, temperature or water leaks. Worried about unauthorized persons on your boat? No problem, get instant Photo-Alerts to your smart-phone with MotionCam Pro.  

Did we mention simple?  ARMIT MAX Series, IoT-Monitoring sensors are battery powered and have the network built-in. Our sensors are completely autonomous, self-sufficient  and require no additional equipment to operate. No Hubs, No Gateways, No Routers, No Power, No Unreliable WiFi at your dock, marina, or mooring. Best of all, no complex programming or wiring diagrams. It’s that easy, simply create your account, select your connection plan and in a few minutes power on your device and your boat is instantly connected and monitored.


Starting at $69.99 per year, ArmIt Network provides IoT-Monitoring and Alerts for your device.


Instant Messages

Knowledge is power. Most disasters can be averted with just a few minutes of notice. Get instant, real-time ARMIT-Alerts™.

Network Inside

With the cellular connection built right in, you don't need to rely on faulty weak WiFi at your dock, mooring or marina. Use ArmIt monitoring solutions 'anywhere' in the world.

Battery Powered

No wiring to boat your power systems required. Simple DIY! Battery should last 3 years in normal operation. Each ArmIt sensor has an easily replaceable AA or CR-123A battery.

ARMIT MotionCam-Pro™ | Wireless Motion Sensor Camera

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Product Details

How it works:

The ARMIT MotionCam-Pro is a color day/night motion activated camera that is completely portable and operates on 2AA batteries. You receive text alerts and email photo alerts* when MotionCam-Pro detects movement in a protected area. With the 'Network Inside' and battery power you can use it virtually anywhere.

The ArmIt MotionCam-Pro is a must have device that you can take with you everywhere you go and use it to protect what matters most to you.

With an ARMIT MotionCam-Pro you can:

  • Monitor sheds, cabins, out buildings, self-storage units, RV's, Boats, Campers, dorm rooms, virtually anywhere you would like.
  • Receive an instant text message when protected area is entered and within a minute later a photo alert in your email inbox.
  • Unlimited cloud storage accessible when you login to your account.


*Requires ArmIt Connection Plan to operate. MotionCam-Pro connection plan $99.99/yr. includes unlimited cellular data and 24/7 IoT-Monitoring.

Download MotionCamPRO Spec Sheet
MotionCamPRO Quick Start Guide


  • The ARMIT MotionCam-Pro™ motion sensor camera has the 'Network Inside' and operates on 2 standard AA Lithium Batteries
  • Battery operation requires no plus to electrical outlets. MotionCam battery life should exceed 100 images
  • Stand-Alone Sensor The ArmIt MotionCam-Pro requires no Hub, Gateway or Programming to set up.
  • SIM Intelligent™ SIM card included. A smart SIM that can connect to any GSM network in your region and fail-over to an alternate carrier in the event of a network outage.

In The Box:

  • MotionCam Pro Wireless Network Camera
  • ArmIt VFOB Keyfob
  • 2 X AA alkaline courtesy battery
  • ArmIt SIM Card
  • Loop lock adhesive mounting tape.

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  • Wireless Motion Sensor Camera
  • High resolution day/night camera motion activated
  • Takes a Snapshot and sends photo to eMail and Phone
  • Battery Powered place MotionCam anywhere
  • Connects to ArmIt over Cellular Network
  • Receive Text, eMail and Photo alerts
  • Use in over 120 Countries* (requires Global Traveler plan)
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Simple Setup

Activate ArmIt sensors in minutes. Create your account, select your plan, wait a few minutes and power it up. It's that easy.

Free delivery

For USA States and Territories and Canadian customers delivery if free. For customers in the EU just $19.99

Secure payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is cellular connectivity and monitoring for ARMIT MAX Sensors?

Our IoT-Monitoring service for ARMIT MAX Sensors, which includes annual cellular connectivity and unlimited ARMIT Alerts: text and email is $69.99 per year. Monitoring service for ARMIT MotionCAM Pro, which includes annual cellular connectivity and unlimited ARMIT Photo Alerts: text and email is $99.99 per year.

How long do the batteries last?

Using a high-quality CR123A Lithium battery, users can expect to get 400 cycles of use over an extended period. In normal operation that's 3 to 5 years. ARMIT recommends for best practice, changing the battery each season. The MotionCam PRO operates on 2AA Lithium batteries and should last 200 cycles.

How do I know if my device is working?

Your ArmIt device is configured to check-in to the network every 15 days and all device activity and operation parameters are available in your account dashboard at

How do I test BILGEMAX after it is installed in my boat?

Automatically: Your BILGEMAX is set from the factory to automatically preform a network check-in every 15 days. You will receive a text message and email with an ARMIT Alert: BilgeMAX NOTIFI Network Check-In, Battery OK, Signal OK GEO LOC: . Manual Test: Simply turn the BILGEMAX float sensor upside down. This will active the NOTIFI sensor and you will receive a text message and email with an ARMIT Alert: BilgeMAX NOTIFI Detects Hi-Water in bilge, CHECK BOAT NOW! Battery OK, Signal OK GEO LOC: . Be sure to return the switch to its normal position after you test. wo

How quickly will I be notified if water level, motion or water leaks are detected?

It takes about one minute for the notification sensor to process and sends its status change to the ArmIt network. Once the sensor reports its status change, in milliseconds ARMIT Alerts are sent via SMS text message, email and Photo-Alert to customer.

I own a marina or I am a marine service professional, can I manage multiple devices easily?

Yes, you can. Yes. the IoT-Monitoring platform was designed with you in mind. Contact ARMIT or your sales representative or authorized ARMIT dealer for details.

Do you have installers?

Send an email to and we will be happy to get you contact info a dealer/installer in your area.

Where should I install the BilgeMAX NOTIFI and BILGEMAX Float sensos?

ARMIT recommends placing the BILGEMAX Float in the bilge just below the water line. There is 3/8" from the bottom of the blue-float housing to the bottom of the float sensor. ROute the attached 15' feet of cable to the highest-dryest part of your boat to connect to the BILGEMAX NOTIFI sensor.

My boat hat more than 1 Bilge, do I need a separate BILGEMAX kit to monitor each bilge?

No, contact your ARMIT sales representative or dealer for wiring instructions and purchase an additional BILGEMAX Float. You can connect multiple BILGEMAX Float sensors in a loop and monitor as many bilge companrments as you need

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us


From your dashboard, you can change device settings and customize alerts, notifications, multi-sites and unlimited devices.

Personal cloud storage

The ArmIt Network provides complete device management and history, you can view everything on a powerful, customizable dashboard.

Self updating

ArmIt cellular monitoring sensors have full two-way authentication and over-the-air provisioning. When a configuration change is made to your ArmIt MAX Series sensor, the next time it contacts the network, it self-updates.

Easy to use notifications

Basic service includes ArmIt Alerts with unlimited text messages, eMail alerts, and fully customizable device management from your dashboard.

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Boat Bilge Pump Monitoring, bilge water level Monitor or monitor you're for boat water leaks. Receive instant alerts to your smartphone and eMail.

Photo Alerts

With MotionCam Pro - Receive instant photos when someone enters your boat or protected area.


Monitor temperature range for freezing or excessive heat and get instant alerts when out of range.
For the cost of two cases of beer and a bag of ice, I am monitoring my boat for the year. It's really a no-brainer

Michael T., Nantucket, MA

Remote Boat Monitoring | ARMIT Marine | IoT Marine

Michael T., Nantucket, MA

For the cost of two cases of beer and a bag of ice, I am monitoring my boat for the year. It's really a no-brainer
I can't believe how simple the install process was and I'm amazed at how much technology is in this little sensor.

Peter D., Point Pleasent Beach, NJ

Remote Boat Monitoring | ARMIT Marine | IoT Marine

Peter D., Point Pleasent Beach, NJ

I can't believe how simple the install process was and I'm amazed at how much technology is in this little sensor.
Remote Boat Monitoring | ARMIT Marine | IoT Marine

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